▐ 1226* Xmas 2012▐

Oh, today is boxing day.

But I already open my present since I reached home yesterday HAHAHA :P

Merry Xmas!! :))

And Happy New Year for few days more!

Had a pleasant xmas eve with family and relatives :)

That day also my cousin's birthday.

Ate lok lok till very full!!! Satisfied!!

Btw, the homemade cheese cake is really awesome!!!!! :D

Had a nice yet tired xmas day with jimui :D

We went to pavillion.

There was so so so so so so crowded of people..

But I already knew that  ==

Nvm, the most important thing is that we can gather together :)) haha

The xmas decoration is very nice!! Take some picture at there.

It was difficult to take picture also cause full of people ==

I wish there is a free service called "Take Picture Servie" hahahaha!!!

Then we no need to worry want to call who to take picture for us..

We just walk around, eat around, chit-chatting around..

Ate jor long time no eat geh Snowflake! and BBQ plaza!!! :DD

I like the bacon meat meat meat :P Wonderful!!!

But I dislike the place coz the smoke keep drifting to my direction ==

Exchange present :D

Bcoz of these present, I nearly bankrupt..

Nvm next time just give the other two hehe :P

The present that I received. Thankiewwwww!!!

Suddenly got so many purse.. How am I going to use it leh?? @@

All pinky color also.. haha ==

Xmas present from my aunt :)

听了大家的故事,好幸福噢 :)


以后醒醒目目喇,不要 get 不到了, stupid!!! :P

不要好像程又青酱等到10多年后咯~ 哈哈

我要都没有叻 ==

天吖.. 又要开学了 >w<



明年我的拜一和拜二是拜六拜日 ==

因为我的课都在拜五六日.. 顶..

kek shui!!!


唱 k 看戏 逛街,便宜,不用和其它人挤 x)


Can't wait for our melacca trip!!! ;D

Gonna eat eat eat!!! hahahaha

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