▐ 1220* cheung k week O.O ▐

Wow.. This week got 3 days outing..

And this 3 days outing went to cheung k !


Coz cheung k is the most valuable things to do.

RM11+ include food, drink, salad, karaoke, toilet, blah blah blah..

Hmm.. Not bad! 

But these few days like being cheated by Neway ==

Got 2 days just sing 2 hours more! Grrrr..

Nvm, I enjoyed with my friends :))

Last Friday with Ah Sue :D

I have been waiting her for an hour more ==

Next time jangan late yaaa :P

Monday with my Ah Choo Choo xD

First time sat her car leh! Her new car, aha..

Hmm.. driving skill not bad lah, hahaha 

Went to CEO! Long time no go there ady..

I still love it! I like the environment.

It's NICE and BIG and comfortable :)

The price for klunch is same as the normal neway too

Christmas tree decoration :D 

Today went with the college's sakais xP

Actually today is to celebrate their birthday geh..

Oneoff shot celebrate the 4 guys birthday.. 

We gave them the underwear as present HAHAHA!!

The underwear is us girls go buy de leh.. so paiseh funny xD

Must appreciate it yaa! When u wear it, u will automatically remember us, hahaha..

The three idiot sakais!! 

And I have bought the cosmetic bag + her favourite Subway cookies to Sadako :D

Hope u like it..

Paiseh lah, no cake, no accompany u all for more longer time..

But we have heart that's enough, okieee? :))

Is the time to say tata to Isaac, he changed to Sunway liao..

Do remember us yaaa!! Remember to wear the underwear! :P

Have a nice life at there, don't tiap tiap hari kao lui HAHAHA

明天?? 明天是什么日子??

噢! 是冬至喇~ 

又没得吃汤圆吖.. 妈没买材料回来弄..

好久没吃汤圆了 /.\ 

不过还是要祝大家 冬至快乐!! :))

话说呢,最近这几天 fb 酱会很烦人..

因为到处都可以看到 “世界末日” 这几个字 ==

okay loh.. 世界末日不是末日咯..

大不了,大家一起死掉罢了嘛.. 唉..



当作笑话来看待 x)


扑满 钱包 银行户口 一点钱都没有

考试全部 fail 完


这.. 才是世界末日吧 -_-

好喇 废话很多

刚刚才看完 《秘密花园》叻!!! 

我是 outdate,不过总还过没有 date.. 哈哈哈 ==

其实我觉得还好罢了,那个男女交换身份的时候最好笑 xD

我很喜欢这个!!! ♥♥♥

女生是不是都喜欢比较霸道一点的男生? 哈哈哈 

还有里面有很多很多插曲! 很好听 :D


我比较喜欢 玄彬 唱的 :))

Christmas is coming soon :D

Hope have a nice day and week.

And hope our Melacca plan can be successful!

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