▐ 0107* My Uni Life started..!!▐

Well. My uni life started. x)

Hmmm.. How am I gonna said about it?

It is a bit weird lahh.. I feel that..

I haven't suit the environment yet..

Imma always like this lahhh.. hate this kind of feel lohh =X

First time always like this 1.. Everything got first time laa..

I scared I cant make new friends..

I scared I cant catch up the courses..

I scared my uni life will be shit!!

Oh my god..

There are a lot of bad things in my mind :S

NononOooooNoooo!! Cannot like this!!

Just passed 2 days only, I can do it!

Actually my uni dont have too many people laa..

My class is very less people though..

Just 15 something.. sweat.. ==

Then how am I gonna make friends ?? @@

But luckily I had meet a new friend Daphne :D

Hope we can be a good friend, haha~

Herm, my class has different races of people lah..

Such as Indonesia, Iraq, Zimbabwe ?......

The most youngest person in my class just 14 years old!!! omg!!

what the.. I think he is very clever person laa..

He makes me feel like he is the actor of the movie " Three Idiots "..


Ookayyy.. Talk about the course of ACCA

I feel a bit tough lah.. cause all in English language mah.

So I need to go back and go google translate all the words.. my goodness!!

But I think it should can improve my English laaa.. hahaha ==

So from now on, I must be very hardworking!!!! very concentrate!!!

Although sometimes I dont know what the lecturer is talking about.. xPP

Just act know.. haha!

I wanna join the club & society ;D

Jazz Drum, Imma coming!!! ♥

If I got time.. :S

** Sorry for my poor English.. x)

是时候换回华文写了 xD 哈哈


没办法.. 要适应呀.. @@

在 college 3 个小时,不如在循中度过的 9 个小时吖..

可悲.. 应该是还不习惯吧..

我还是很想念循中吖.. T^T

犯贱的我.. 犯贱的我们.. x))

看到学弟学妹们一直写开学的 status..



新年新年要来了呀!!! 哈哈哈~

兴奋兴奋!! :DD


我还没买完新年衣呀.. 啊啊啊..!!

还有 2 个星期罢了吖..

我又很讨厌拜六拜日出街跟人家挤 =X

看来要等到我 off 的时候才可以噜~

姐妹们,等我吖!! 嘿嘿 :))



好多都是我想看的吖 ;D

Laughing gor !!! 他的系列我都有追的吖!!!

我超爱看新加坡戏的!! 因为都很好看 :D

当然少不料新年戏! 哈哈

新天生一对~ 超惨的戏 @@


由女神演的爱情喜剧~ 感觉也很好看呀 =P

分享下毕旅的一些照片~ 桢姐终于有空 upload 了 :DD

美丽的天空 :)

跳跃的喜悦 x)) 虽然跳到整个傻婆样~ 哈哈哈!!

My lovely Jimuisss ♥♥!!

很喜欢这几张照片呀 ^^

导游薇薇姐拍的~ 话说她是有学过的噢~ 哈哈~


好像去旅行呀~ 哪怕是去近近的..


那就很满足了!! :DD

最后来张 chok 样来结束这篇呗 xDD

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