▐ 0314* El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang ▐

Celebrated my 21st birthday with my family at

El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Found this restaurant through website and reviews

Looks like not bad, so decided to have a try haha

Before that I made a reservation through phone

Actually I was trying reserved through website but it was not function zzz

Reached there on the time 

There is very difficult to find parking! So better be earlier as you can lahh

But in front there got a parking lot which cost RM15 ( better than no parking :S )

Outside the restaurant you will see a jockey parking ( cheaper than the parking lot abit )

but if you very pamper your car or scared being scratch by somebody just don't lah

El Cerdo full of piggiesssssss

Cute little piggy, big piggy, everywhere is piggy HAHAHA

Coz it's a pork restaurant! German style that serves pork knuckles, sausages etc 

So the dishes are mainly in pork lah 

While waiting for my bro and his gf, we kept looking at the menu

So many choices, don't know want to choose which one @@

The most famous dish must be Roasted Suckling Pig 乳猪!!!

But we didn't order that ==

Complimentary bread with the special pig liver pate

The pig liver pate is something like tuna, but it's pork flavor! 

Unexpected it taste nice wehhhh! 

Caesar Salad @ RM28++

Erm.. this caesar salad is not very nice lah..

It's abit salty for me..

Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak @ RM48++

This is nice!!! 

The sauce is special

German Crispy Knuckle @ RM98++


One of the famous dish in the restaurant 

It's really nice indeed!!!

Very very very CRISPY!!

Beside the pork knuckle is the apple mousse 

Must try the pork knuckle with the apple mousse!!

Damn delicious!!! Unexpected combination leh hahaha

Besides that, it also serves with potato dumpling, sauerkraut and mustard beer sauce 

But I more prefer apple mousse :P

Btw the mushroom soup @ RM22.50++ is very nice too!

Didn't capture photo paiseh

It's different with the normal mushroom soup, it got herbs and pig tail meat.. yummy!!

Werner's Special ( RM22.50++ )

Fresh Strawberry in mango sauce with chocolate mousse and wild raspberry sherbet

Recommended dessert in the restaurant 

I can't eat much, too full already /.\

After finished our dinner, party time!! 

HAHA nolah celebrate birthday with my bro :D

Coz the next day is his birthday mah 

The waiters sang birthday song to us.. how sweet haha

Birthday cake bought by my bro's gf wowwww a heart shape ♥♥♥ ‏

See there got shots! It's complimentary for birthday person!

But walao it's so salty == It was my first time drank shots lah paiseh haha

These two little cutie piggies is also complimentary for birthday person hehe :D

Night life at Changkat Bukit Bintang! Wow! Seems like I'm at Bali lehh HAHAHA

Overall is very nice!! Definitely worth it! 

All the foods are big portion.

The waiters are super duper friendly!! And funny HAHAHA

Very satisfied! (Y)(Y)(Y)

Hope to have another visit again for the roasted suckling pig xD

#PS: Quality of those photos are super bad, coz it's dark.. So just ignore it >w<

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elcerdokl

Website: http://elcerdokl.com/ ( menu provided )

Thanks for the celebration, wishes and presents yaaa ^___^

But just felt a bit 美中不足 lah hmmm


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