▐ 0823* Ladies day ♥▐

Heeeeee Happy 20th Birthday to this pretty stupid lady LimXinWey hahaha :D

Last Saturday went to Midvalley pre-celebrated her birthday.

At first we decided to go to Italianese but its under service == so lucky..

Then we went to Tony Roma's.

We have been waiting so long for the birthday girl.. So.... girls time! HAHAHA

Don't say BOJIO! :P

At last finally she came! Phewphitttt all pretty ladies here! 

Our lunchie. Actually it's quite disappointed for me.. 

It's not so good.. So I don't want recommended anything here hahaha

Except the lamb ribs lah, it's not bad.

A smile face made by a enthusiastic waiter cause somebody is HOT and attracted his attention!

BUAhahahahahaha xD

It's been a long long long time we have never meet up for 4 persons! :)

Nowadays all people are busying for their assign exams events or whatever things..

So, just appreciate! 

The special birthday cupcakes for our birthday girl! Three eyes aliens O.O

Cute mehhhhh hahahahhaha 

But got abit spoil already.. Nvm, this consider not bad liao..

Coz I searched from the website, all is very ugly -____-

Weeeeee happy girl here!

Hope your dreams come true and be a stronger and happy girl always! :D

Must love our present yaaa! Love you ♥!!!

Our only group photos..

First time met another enthusiastic waiter who likes to take photos. Maybe? haha

Coz he automatically help us to take around 5 photos for us and keep changing his styles like so pro == 

HAHAHA so funny xD

*Click the picture to enlarge.

A ladies day ♥

Really first time being so lady leh!! 

First time we all dressed up like a lady for hang out! 


It's also my first time wore a dress for hang out! OMG!!

Felt so..... 淑女 + amazing + happy + pretty + no freedom + my legs gonna broken + bla bla bla..


Lastly, that day we also give her a little surprise haha 

A stupid surprise xP

FML I really bad luck lahhh recently..

Yesterday I pokai in my house from the stairs >w<!!!!

Hurt my 尾脊 OMG sibeh sibeh hurt!!!

First time feeling wanna fainted!!!!! 

Luckily just only the last two floors.. 

And luckily I was carrying my bag, didnt hurt my waist, head, vertebral..

And luckily my butt is enough big, if not then more painful ahh!!!!!

Actually I can no need to go to college de.. But I dont want skip class..

See me so hardworking! ( Actually it's bcoz of ASET ) ha.......

When I reached college, I just realized that I have NO CLASS! FML X2

No wonder I see the timetable, why no F8 class lah -_-

But luckily at night I got class haizzzzzz.. BAD LUCK!

Next month onwards gonna be a busy months..

Enjoy my last few days for staying at home!

Btw I really want to go for travel!! Any kaki???

I wanna go Universal Studios Singapore!!!

I already found all information + budget..

I also wanna go Bangkok!!! 

I wanna fly fly flyyyyyyyy

My the only dreams..

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