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Last Monday visited to Deloitte with HelpCat buddies :)

It is one of the big four audit firm.

Visited for our future employer?? Maybe.. hehe..

But I don't think is mine.. haha..


The environment is not bad..

Their culture is friendly also, compare to others firm..

Not very very serious lahh.. 

I think I cannot bear with the environment that is very serious..

I will die young -___-

Then just sat in the hall and listened to the speech loh..

And then walk around their offices.. 

If you saw a table with a lot of documents and papers like a mountain, 

that must be an auditor's place.. omggggg ==

Kkkkk overall is like that lahh.. lalalala..

Now it's short holiday!!! Woohoooo!

But not truly holiday lah, coz after holiday got test!! >w<

Btw today is a BIG DAY!! Hari Raya?? Besides that!

ACCA result come out!!!!!!

When I just wake up and turn on my phone..

Suddenly received sms from the ACCA.. 

OMGG!!!! Really scared die me..

Why are they sms me??!! I didnt even register via sms ==

But luckily it's a good news!!! Teeeheeeeeee~~~~~~ :D

Blessed Blessed Blessed 感恩感恩感恩 谢天谢地!!!!!!!

F9 ngam ngam hou pass ahhhh omgggggg.. luckily!!!!!!!!

And I cant believe my F7 paper marks == unexpected haha

Okieee okieeee come back to reality.. 

Now I really have to concentrate for my audit papers liao! F8 and P1!

A lots of theory.. fainted -____-

Working and studying.. I can do it! :))

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